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English Lessons

We understand language barrier affects the ability to communicate effectively with patients and thereby have a negative impact on the provision of appropriate, timely, safe, and effective care to meet patient’s needs. Through engaging in the ESOL classes (English for speakers of other languages.) Our learners are feeling more confident and empowered in communicating with family and friends, at work and everyday social situations.

As we can appreciate the BAME communities experience several specific challenges particularly relating to mental health, dementia, such as cultural stigma, lack of detailed information, and isolation of carers and people who are from the BAME communities and living with dementia and mental health.

The memory café offers informative information on health-related topics with an emphasis on BAME dementia every second Tuesday of the month, bringing people together in a safe space in reducing social isolation. Ensuring its culturally sensitive to meet the needs of the people from the BAME community. Health professionals and local support services are available for patients and families wishing to find out more about accessing support.

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ESOL Learners to date

What Our Patients Say

"Slang is very useful for me in daily communication. To explain more precisely, it helps me understand & respond during the conversation. Most of the people appreciate I try to use slang for communication. They are willing to teach me more slang too. It really helps me make more friends."
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